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As the day of the release of the next iPhone nears, the rumor mill is churning again and we’ve received another peek at what seems to be the ‘iPhone 7 Plus’. And you have to believe, this is the most comprehensive look at Apple’s new( and third variant) iPhone that is expected to debut in September.

Youtuber Lewis Hilsenteger, who runs the famous YouTube channel UnboxTherapy has hit the motherload and got his hands on a final mockup of — what he seems to be calling the ‘iPhone 7 Plus’. In the detailed video(attached underneath), you’ll notice all the changes that are expected to be introduced in the bigger 5.5-inch iPhone in the upcoming event next month.

The first thing that you will notice right off the bat is that Apple might be hinting towards adding a new color variant to its iPhone lineup. Lewis, in the video, shows a dark blue iPhone 7 Plus and it looks pretty sweet to me.

Taking a look at the back of the iPhone 7 Plus mockup, you’ll notice a dual lens camera — which we’ve seen in many earlier leaks as well. But, no one has to be pin point the exact use of the dual fixture. Some believe that it will serve in a manner similar to HTC first dual camera setup, which allowed you to change focal points after the picture was taken. But some others are of the opinion that it will help you snap wide-angle and pixel-dense images.

The second iteration — confirming a change that has been rumored for long — is that the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 Plus has been nixxed. Yes, there’s no longer a headphone jack on this model. Following the same, Apple is now expected to debut its own version of LeEco’s CDLA technology and bank upon this opportunity by launching a slew of connectors and new pair of headphones.

And the final thing that is worth bringing to light is that the back of the new iPhone 7 model also hosts a smart connector at the bottom. The smart connector is usually found on the iPad Pro lineup and used to connect external keyboards, but in the iPhone, it is expected to serve as a method of wireless charging.

The phone even though is massive, has been toned down to look a tad bit smaller and thinner when placed next to the iPhone 6s Plus. The camera bump is also more protruding and might annoy some users —  who already hate the same on the previous lineup.

As it has been rightly said, you should take this mockup video with a grain of salt and wait for Apple’s official release of the new variant. What do you guys think, is this mockup the real deal? Comment your thoughts down below.

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