Apple has today issued a new update for its Music app on Android and guess what — it officially brings the app out of public beta testing, nearly 10 months after its initial release on the Google Play Store.

This update pushes Apple Music for Android to its first official release, with the tag of version 1.0. The release note mentions that the app update brings with it ‘equalizer settings and a variety of performance, playback and stability improvements‘.

So, the Apple Music app gives you more control over your playback with the introduction of new equalizer settings. The equalizer is off by default, but can easily be accessed by double tapping the EQ option in the settings option in the hamburger menu.

The newly added equalizer gives you the choice to select different music types — classical, hip-hop, rock, metal — with defined preset levels. But you also the freedom to adjust the levels to fine-tune the sound according to your needs. It also gives you two more options — bass boost and surround sound.

Due to the differences between Android and iOS, Apple Music for Android also has some unique features — homescreen widget and offline music downloading to SD card. Though Apple has tried to bridge the software gap by introducing its app for Android, but it is still yet to bring it to speed with the iOS and desktop apps. The redesigned interface that has been shown-off at WWDC and is expected to debut in iOS 10 hasn’t even made an appearance in the Android app. It is still running the old design for the time being.

Apple Music, the replacement for iTunes, was released an year ago in June 2015. In this one year, it has managed to gather more than 15 million paying subscribers and over 30 million songs are available for on-demand streaming. Now, Cupertino also seems to be in talks to acquire Tidal, a streaming-music service run by rap mogul Jay Z. It is hoping to bring Tidal under its Music banner because of its strong ties to popular artists such as Kanye West and Madonna.

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