Did you always feel that Singapore is the most expensive city? If so, then try this new visual analytics app by Qlik which launched today! Tokyo dethrones Singapore to be listed as city with the highest Cost of Living in APAC. This comes as a result of research done on eight cities in the region.

Today, during a Press conference by Qlik in Singapore, Regional Vice President Phillip Beniac launched a new app to compare Cost of Living among APAC cities. Qlik being a leader in visual analytics, wanted to showcase how they are making data useful for our daily needs.

The App which is free to access, allows the user to compare the cost of living quickly and easily of eight major cities in Asia Pacific region namely – Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Phillip said,

With the constant fluctuations in Asian economies and changing consumer price indices (CPI), getting to grips with the cost of maintaining a certain standard of living before you move somewhere can be difficult” This Qlik app will take off the pain to research in  APAC Cost of Living.

Some of the most interesting insights that you can find with the app are:

  • Shanghai’s cost of living data places it 11% lower than the APAC average. However, it is the most expensive city to stay in shape, with a monthly gym membership costing US$157 and a session with a personal trainer costing US$393.
  • Sydney is known for being a gourmet paradise, it is also the priciest place in APAC to eat out in hotel restaurants, with a meal for two costing up to US$247. That is about twice what it costs in Shanghai (US$133) or Tokyo (US$116), while Seoul is the cheapest choice (US$53), followed by Mumbai (US$61) and Hong Kong (US$70).
  • In terms of finding a place to live, Kuala Lumpur is the most attractive option for people who like to live in the city center, with property costing US$331 per square feet to buy and US$1.11 per square feet to rent.

Beniac added,

In the same way, that organization now routinely use business intelligence, individuals are seeking ways to use everyday data to analyze and derive insights into what’s going on in their lives. The Qlik Cost of Living app is a great example of how you don’t have to be a data scientist to get useful insights from data, by using visual analytics.

When questioned, How frequent the data will be updated?

They replied that it will be updated every year. Also, they said this App will be very useful for corporations when relocating or expanding their business to analyze the available resources and their cost of operations in these major cities.

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