Did you know that your 6-year-old kid can code and do design innovation? Codomo has answer for this question, yes they can!

Singapore based Codomo, a less than a year old organization aims to teach children designing and innovation. It is run by six young individuals who train children and adults in coding.


Python is the second-most popular programming language in the world and is taught in universities such as MIT at the undergraduate level. Codomo brings such college-level programming languages to children and teaches them to hack Minecraft, a popular game among kids, using programming.

Aditya Batura, CEO of the company said,

Coding, robotics, and 3D printing are small facets of this much larger entity and one can get a better understanding of innovation through the aforementioned skills but at the end of the day, we regard Codomo as something which tries to change people’s mindsets.

Codomo is currently self-funded and does not have any franchise, but they are looking forward to open soon into countries like Indonesia, China, and India.

When asked about the expansion plans in future, Aditya replied,

  The target group of the tuition schools is a niche and there cannot be a high volume in this field. In the public sector, however, the volumes are much higher and there is a lot of demand for it. This may be lucrative but it does not address the problems with scalability as this approach is still very manpower intensive. As such, we are exploring a ‘train the trainer’ method where we will go in and train trainers on how to conduct classes. We are also considering licensing our curriculum, for which we have been approached multiple times – both in and out of Singapore.

With more than 800 students enrolled so far, the summer batches have always witnessed batches full with learners. Codomo is running a Design Innovation camp (robotics and design thinking for 6-8 year olds). A Minecraft coding camp for 8 – 11 year-olds and a Kodu 3D Game Design camp for 6-8 year-olds.

So, if you are in Singapore even for holidays, do not miss these classes!


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