Easy to play but hard to master – OhMyGeorge, will put your nerves to test!

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Do you think you can trade professionally or are you still struggling with trading? In case you are afraid to take the plunge – then you must try this new game app OhMyGeorge. The app is developed by passionate traders who got inspired by Candy Crush. One of the OMG team founder Olivier Alcouffe said in an email,

We were amazed, how Candy Crush, managed to capture my girlfriend’s attention and efforts for so many months in a row while the underlying concept itself was undeniably boring.

OhMYGeorge Team
OhMYGeorge Team

That’s how they realized the actual power potential of good UI, social emulation, and most importantly gaming mechanisms. Traders by heart Olivier Alcouffe, Matus Gura, Lucien Tavano; then decided to have a venture with a motto – start and teach everyone trading.

The startup is at a very early stage; and is not looking for an investment, until they have completed the product. When asked about projecting revenues, they said, We are purely focusing on our product/market fit at the moment and we hope to implement our first revenue model, in-app purchase to unlock features and progress faster in the game, after the summer. omgpic 2

The design (bright colours, simplistic UI/UX) of the app is engaging and casual. To add humor they have made George Washington as mascot. The game will remain free to play, it is available on App store and Google Play. Also, they are devising their marketing strategies to target Singapore and Thailand with the goal to explore the two very different markets in terms of investor population. Can’t wait to learn trading in a game manner! Best Wishes to the team.


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