Google announced on Wednesday via a blog post, that Inbox by Gmail is getting a new update which focuses on helping you organize and access the information that matters most, saving time and reducing email overload. The email client is getting 3 new features for its web and mobile version.

Starting today, you’ll be able to organize and work with events easier than ever. Inbox will now sort all the emails related to a particular event and make it visible to you at a single glance so that you can know what’s changed. Just tap on the event you wish to know about and get a comprehensive overview of it.

Apparently, this Calendar integration in Inbox works similar to Inbox’s trip bundles, which stock all your hotel, flight, restaurant and car reservations into a single, shareable bundle.

It is also easier to view your favourite newsletters now. Inbox will now make essential newsletters more visible so that you can tap them and read what’s interesting. According to Google, browsing between articles has also been enhanced. And once you’re done with a particular newsletter, Inbox will minimize it to save space. This feature, reportedly, works on many of the most popular newsletters and the team will continue to add more.

The third interesting feature Google is bringing to Inbox is that you can now easily save links on the client. Most of us have the habit of mailing ourselves links of articles or pages we wish to read later. Google wants to make saving these links easier. From today, if there is anything stored in your clipboard, Inbox will ask you if you want to save the link. If you say yes, all your saved links will be saved under a single domain which you can easily access. This service is available on Android or iOS.

You can also enjoy this feature with the new Inbox by Gmail Chrome extension on web.

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