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At Microsoft’s Build 2016 keynote address, the company shared some important statistics regarding Windows 10. According to the Redmond giant, its latest operating system now runs on more than 270 million monthly active devices.

Microsoft, in January, had announced that Windows 10 had taken off to a good start with 200 million devices running the firmware then. This number has seen a significant jump in just two months. In fact, Windows 10 seems to be doing much better than most of its predecessors.

According to analysts, Windows 10’s  current growth rate is almost four times that of Windows 8. The numbers are also 145 percent better than Windows 7.

According to the company, the adoption hasn’t just been through home or small business users but enterprises have also contributed significantly to increase the overall stats of the OS.

These weren’t the only numbers the Redmond giant shared, though. Cortana, Microsoft said, has been bombarded with 5 billion questions, Xbox One has seen 6.6 million hours of streaming to PC and the Windows Store has gotten over 5 billion visits.

This number will be seeing a lot of hikes in the coming months as many Windows Phone devices just recently started getting their Windows 10 updates.


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