Apple knows the gargantuan share which Android commands in the smartphone market. And knowing that, it tried to lure a few into its own ecosystem with this new ‘Move to iOS’ app. And wow ! What a rousy welcome the Cupertino giant has got on Play Store.

At the time of writing this piece, Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ shebang has garnered a pathetic 1.8 star average rating on the play store based upon over 1.7 K reviews. Going into details of those reviews, over 70% of all are 1 star, with people going to the extent of requesting Google to allow “-ve star” review rating for such apps.

Here’s a more detailed look into the dismal show which Move to iOS has put up :

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.27.06 am

So why is everybody so angry at Apple ? After all, its a voluntary download app, which one can skip if its not required. Then why such pathetic, ridiculed (I’m short of words right now, please comment!) reviews ?

Well, the logic is pretty simple. First, Apple went into Android territory to get some users for its own OS. However, some users argue as to why te heck did Apple not use material design ? Considering how design-consious Apple is, with everything it produces, this is one of those primary elements which thecompany should have kept in mind.

Secondly, people used to Android are used to a more open environment. They have access to a whole lot of apps on the play store, none of them reviewed by some strict, shitty guidelines. Everybody has freedom to put apps there, and then download virtually any sort of apps. Now that, is obviously not the case with Apple. Users have gone to the extent of calling Apple’s app environment ‘communist’ (that was an awesome one), saying that Apple shouldn’t have even come to the Play Store party at all !

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.32.00 am

As many point out, Google wouldn’t be able to launch an equivalent app on Apple’s App Store because of this rule in the review guidelines:

The big issue here then ?No its not these hilarious reviews. Neither its Apple’s poor beginning, and nor is it some real big deformity with ‘Move to iOS’. The issue at hand is how easy it is for reviewers to review an app, just after downloading it.

The point is, a lot of these 1-star reviews are just hate speeches. Lot of these may have just downloaded the app to give a 1-star review. On z similar note, many 5-star reviews could be fake as well.

Google and Apple, both should bring out some way, wherein users can’t simply review an app after downloading it. They should be required to use an app for some x minutes, so that actula user expereince is where the review is derived from, and not the hate speeches.

And also, before you Apple fanboys start ripping me off about this piece, I did not submit a 1-star review there. I’m pretty much happy with my droid.


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