China is continuing to lay new bricks onto its great wall against the internet as it furthers to hold strong ground on its censorship ideology. The country has brought down it’s censorship sword on an existing censorship avoidance service called Astrill.

The service, which is hugely popular among the highly restricted Chinese internet users, has sent out a clear warning to it’s iOS app users that the country’s growing opposition to the web is detrimental to the app’s functioning on iPhone and the iPad.

Astrill allows users a paid gateway pass to access blocked sites that  been made illegal by the country’s government on computers and smartphones. The app prominently has business running inside China as its major users.

The company has however promised it’s users that it will soon over come this hurdle with its new iOS 9 update.

Its counterpart ExpressVPN has remained untouched by this new policy, which raises new questions on the government s decision to specifically target Astrill.

Astrill has come under the scanner previously as well but the stringent internet policies of Chinese government have also affected other VPN services, as new regulations forced GitHub apps to be removed in which the state police also played a major part.

The policies have been met with sharp criticism from its nationals as they seek internet freedom. Google recently had to relocate it’s offices to Hong Kong so as to continue its operations


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