ShieldSquare, the hugely impressive web-security startup I covered in January this year, has now raised an undisclosed amount from T V Mohandas Pai’s freshly incorporated StartupXseed’s Aaruha Technology Fund.

ShieldSquare helps websites and enterprises prevent their web presence from data scraping attacks. Web Scraping or simply put, Scraping, is a way of extracting useful info from websites. Bots or crawlers imitate themselves as normal humans crawling websites, and in the process extract info from less-secured websites.

Simply put, if you are on web, you are under a potential risk and you gotta do something in self defence. Bangalore based web security start-up, ShieldSquare is trying to address this burning issue and has come up with its scraping prevention plan to equip websites to safeguard themselves from the hostility of bots and unauthorized Crawlers.


Pavan Thatha, co-founder at ShieldSquare, said,

More than the fund, we are glad to receive the strategic value and operational expertise that the people behind this fund can provide us.

StartupXSeed is a newly incorporated fund, started by some of India’s biggest names in the tech and entrepreneurial circuit. BV Naidu, TV Mohandas Pai and V Balakrishnan, have launched this INR 30 crore fund to invest in startups from Bengaluru and Hyderabad (Though I seriously wonder as to why they have limited themselves to just these two cities).

ET reports, that the fund is already in talks with universities in Israel, Taiwan, the UK and Germany for collaborations. Naidu, who’s a managing partner at the fund, said StartupXseed will take up the role of both an incubator and a funding institution by not only investing, but mentoring and working along with the startups. “Our partners will go with them for their sale-pitches and help them with their business plans,” he said.

The fund plans to exit a startup 18-24 months post investment.

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