Popular business (and otherwise) communication app Slack’s free-tier version, since its launch, only allowed users to bundle up a maximum of five free integrations. Well, there is good news there. Now you will be allowed to integrate ten applications into Slack via its free tier service, the company announced today.

And to make things much better, Slack has also officially announced the ‘Add to Slack’ button today which, in all respect, complements the new increased number of free integrations.

Slack was launched in February 2014, and has been one of the best ways to collaborate your business communications. Available for almost all the major platforms (PC, Mac, iOS and Android), Slack allows users to integrate external apps into it, share their work and other notifications with their team, and plain make work life much simpler and fun. The company says that currently over 80 applications have been designed to interact with Slack with thousands of other developers using their API to build custom applications.

Before today, Slack users had to get a copy of someone’s code, spin up a server, and configure incoming and outgoing webhooks to get any app linked up to Slack which surely isn’t something most of us would appreciate. The new ‘Add to Slack’ button makes this tedious process much simpler. Just press the button and you will be redirected to an authentication page where you can pick which Slack team you’d like to integrate with the service. You will also be allowed to select which Slack channel the service will report to.

Once configured, any web apps or services that send you notifications or emails can start automatically reporting those to Slack. Many apps and services will also give you the ability to share things into Slack without leaving their app; handy!

The blog post reads.

Slack has listed a dozen apps which will now showcase the new ‘Add to Slack’ button: 99Designs, Airtable, Box, Breaking News, Cronitor, HelloSign, Intercom, InVision, Launchkit, Lever, Managed by Q, Nuzzel, Wake, and Zeplin.

The company also says that the feature isn’t limited to just their launch partners. So, we can expect a lot of other apps to get their very own ‘Add to Slack’ buttons soon. Also, any service that frequently sends you notifications or you just want to share their work with your team, Slack says, can be easily integrated into their app. You won’t even need to leave the Slack app while doing this.  Documentation for the new button is available here.


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