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YouTube Gaming Goes Live Tomorrow

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Big Day for both YouTube and Amazon-owned Twitch. Why for both you ask ? Well, the former is launching a fierce competitor for the latter tomorrow — in the form of Youtube Gaming.

Youtube announced its game videos streaming platform back in June, and put almost every streaming service, even the far-off ones, into red-alert. The announcement might have been a bit more for Twitch, which — despite an impressive and loyal userbase — will face stiff competition from Youtube Gaming, due to the sheer resources and userbase which Youtube has the potential to direct to.

Google’s inclination towards getting or designing a game-streaming platform of its own was pretty evident in its last year’s attempt to purchase Twitch. And since it couldn’t get Twitch, even after it reportedly offered a larger amount as compared to the original Amazon deal, the search giant is putting up a real strong, serious contender to take on Twitch.

Gaming themed videos, both live-streaming and on-demand were, until now, a part of the normal YouTube interface. We could search for many different uploaders and get gaming tutorials or other experiences over YouTube like we could do with any other type of video.

Google is positioning YouTube Gaming as a separate platform from YouTube, with over 25,000 gaming title pages, which will be a one stop shop for all the videos and live streams about that title. You’ll also find channels from a wide array of game publishers and YouTube creators. This new partition from YouTube will apparently help in enhancing the user experience for gamers. Moreover, the company says that searching for videos will be faster and swifter.

The site is put up at

YouTube Gaming will be available on both iOS and Android, as well. The company is also launching an easier to start a live stream, in beta, tomorrow.

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