Finally, someone has thought of upgrading the Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard at Apple Inc.  The Cupertino multinational has filed for a pair of upgrades at the Fedral Communications Commission (FCC), U.S.

The Magic Mouse named simply ‘Magic Mouse 2’ appears in the leaked filings list along with the upgrade for the yet unnamed wireless keyboard. The keyboard, and Magic Mouse last recieved an upgrade in 2011 and 2009 respectively.

Whats great about the new upgrades is that the two devices are enabled with Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluettoth LE (Low Energy). This means great news as the Bluetooth LE offers a superior battery life, and Bluetooth 4.2 provides for a faster and secure connectivity. Both the devices currently run on Bluetooth 2.1, and will be the tech giant’s first Bluetooth 4.2 products. (If they launch before the new iPhones and iPad).

The other big change, is the inclusion of 3.8V Lithium-ion built-in batteries. The retro AA batteries have been done away with this new upgrade that features the non-removable batteries. The devices are likely going to be recharged through a USB port.

Apple, however, has not bothered much about redesigning these hardware accessories. The only new addition, if any, will be the presence of new special keys which will provide direct access to iOS applications.

Since its a case of leaked file listings, the exact launch date is not officially confirmed by Apple. Apple’s next media event is scheduled for September 9th, which marks the introduction of the new iPhones, iPad mini, and Apple TV.  Since, the devices are ‘pre-production’ tested, we could see a surprise launch at the event in September. Unfortunately, the devices are not on the list of ‘a major product’ for Apple, so stay tuned to the Apple’s website as they could go on sale before the major event as well.


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