The Moto 360 was an amazing device with great build quality and superb features. It even looked and felt stylish. But it had a few drawbacks here and there, the biggest of which was the fact that it came only in one size.

Well, guess Moto is taking cues from its past mistakes to make its future as bright as possible. According to sources, Regulatory documents filed with Brazil’s Anatel telecommunications agency have revealed two new devices sporting the model numbers “360S” and “360L.”

Now, the natural thing most people would conclude from this is that the successor to the Moto 360 might come in two size variants. This, by far, is the best news Moto enthusiasts and in general tech geeks could get. What’s more is that the pair are reportedly listed with 270mAh and 375mAh batteries respectively, making the possibility of two sizes more concrete.

The two size approach was first seen on the Apple Watch a few months ago which came in a 38mm and 42mm design to fit different type of people. Guess Moto couldn’t resist the urge to learn from the Cupertino in this matter. The release date or any other information about this smartwatch is just a blur for now, but our best guess is that we will have the latest iteration of Motorola’s smartwatch quite soon.


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