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YouTube Is Finally Letting Go Of That Frustrating “301+” Stuck View Count

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The infamously popular “301+” number on Youtube isn’t new to anyone. It is a frustrating symbol sort of thing put there by demons from Supernatural, which just doesn’t go up until and unless Youtube verifies all views past 300. Well, its finally (say that 10 times!) going away.

The word came via our sweet, little, blue twitter bird, wherein Youtube dropped in a tweet from its official Twitter account saying,

We’re saying goodbye to 301+ and hello to more up-to-date video views.

And while it is obviously frustrating to think as to why this update wasn’t there from the beginning itself, we’ll still follow that old idiom “better late than never”.

To give you a brief of what 301+ actually is, it was a number which stood frozen when a website reached more than 300 views. Only few hours after YouTube has verified the actual number of views, will the real metric appear on a vide.

And while this practice could actually be called beneficial, considering that it gives a publisher a more real, comprehensive view count, it still was frustrating for most, and hence the doing away is warmly welcomed.

Youtube, in an infographic posted with the tweet, explains why it employed this practice at the first stage :

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 12.08.42 am

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