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Xiaomi Regains Top Spot In Chinese Smartphone Market, Edges Past Apple

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China’s homegrown smartphone maker, Xiaomi has clinched the top spot, once again, as the number one smartphone firm in China. This comes after Apple took over that pole position due to its staggering iPhone 6 sales in both China, and worldwide.

The companyco, which is valued at $40 billion making it world’s second biggest tech startup, has regained the top slot in the second quarter results of 2015. Xiaomi, currently holds the market share with 15.9 percent of total shipments, as reported by Canalys’.

Placed just behind the Mi smartphone manufacturer is Huawei, with 15.7 percent of shipments. Huawei with its Honor range of smartphones, has steadily climbed up the ladder to take the second spot. In fact, one in three smart phones shipped in China in the second quarter of 2015, have been eiter Huawei or Xiaomi; which goes to show their current market dominance.

Huawei is followed by the world’s second largest smartphone maker, Apple. A market leader in the previous quarter, Apple has lost to the budget smartphone makers, with Huawei registering 48 percent quarter-on-quarter growth.

Surprisingly, the South Korean giant, Samsung takes the fourth spot followed by Vivo.

Even though Apple has slipped behind Xiaomi and Huawei, it has still managed to beat its top rival Samsung, with an impressive second quarter figures; thanks to its flagship devices the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

World market leader Samsung continues its dismal run in China, owing to the success of budget range of smartphones launched by Xiomi and Huawei. In fact, Samsung is expected to loose its pole position int global markets soon.

The fourth largest smartphone maker in the world, Xiaomi, has managed to overtake its competitors following the launch of Mi Note phablet and Redmi 2. Both the devices take the top two slots for the second quarter.

In a bid to bounce back and take over the market, Apple and Samsung have both kick-started aggressive sales activities for the Chinese market, which is the world’s largest market for smartphones.


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