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Chrome’s ‘Safe Browsing’ Malware Warnings Will Be More Prominent Now

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Google Chrome’s ‘Safe Browsing’, the tool which protects users from problems arising due to forceful injection of Unwanted Software (UwS), getting more teeth now. And more teeth means you’ll see more potential malware warnings than ever before.

The process of forceful UwS injection has been going on for quite a while now and UwS is being distributed on web sites via a variety of sources, including ad injectors as well as ad networks lacking strict quality guidelines. To counter this, Google today announced through a blog post that in the coming weeks UwS detection will be improving drastically on Chrome.

Last year, the web giant had announced their increased focus on unwanted software, and published their unwanted software policy, which was a result of users falling prey to UwS making our browsing experience hell, for the lack of a better word. Since then, Google has been steadily trying to filter these unnecessary additions which we get while browsing by detecting them at source levels.

According to Moheeb Abu Rajab and Stephan Somogyi of Google’s Safe Browsing Team, the main focus of this new protection measure would be on protecting users from malware, phishing, unwanted software, and similar harm. Apparently, you will get warning messages when you come across any website or ad which can potentially be an UwS distributer.

Google’s ‘Safe Browsing’ tech has been behind safeguarding users from many potentially dangerous malware injections since 2006, and from unwanted software since last year. The protection will be on all the Google supportive platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android) across all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari).


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