Just came online to browse a few rentable properties for my cousin, and noticed that housing is down. If it would have been any other website, I would have termed it a hack, but considering the sheer PR stunts which this startup has pulled off, as of now, its safe to just say the site is “down” and is not showing any of its original content.

Interestingly, when I tried to download the current image on Housing via our usual “right click” method, it continuously gave me a “Failed-Server problem” error. Yes, I have tried downloading ample number of images at the same time via the same mechanism. Could be an issue with my connection. Just thought I should notify you of this.

Nothing more to report as of now, I’ll keep this story updated with more info. Huh.., these guys are compelling me to go to commonfloor…

Update 1 (5:08 P.M. IST)

As for me, the site is back up to its usual. Certain users are still reporting the site down. Shoot us the site’s status in the comments section below.

Update 2 (5:21 P.M. IST)

Its down again. Looks like this is gonna be a roller-coaster ride. The site is back to showing the same image, it was displaying earlier :

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 4.57.13 pm

Update 3 (6:14 P.M. IST) :

Its up and running (as of now). However, considering its previous successful run of less than 5 mins after the initial downtime, I’m not sure of this one as well. Will keep you guys updated.


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