User frustration over Instagram’s stubbornness on sticking with the archaic 640×640 resolution was clearly starting to show. However, it seems the Facebook-owned Photo-sharing service has taken due note of the same, as it has quietly rolled out support for 1080 x 1080 res images. Mind it though, it isn’t easy, as of now, to find out where exactly to upload those images.

Reported first by The Verge’s Vlad Svov, the new resolution isn’t as such appearing as a default on Instagram, which continues to show the older, 640 x 640 resolution. However, upon inspection of the web view code, Vlad found out that new photos uploaded to it are being saved in 1080px resolution, hinting towards a possible, full-fledged public launch of the feature in the near future.

The new resolution is obviously set to bring in more clarity to your images, along with letting you share even the most detailed, most professional clicks of yours, in close to their original resolution. Images, as seen in different 1080px samples, look clearer, more crispier and obvious HDier than before.

Do note though, that the images aren’t mere stretched versions of the original 640px images. The images are in fact, fresh 1080px uploads, staying very close to their original uploads.

While Instagram’s hassles with over-compression of images on the Android and iOS apps still might not be resolved, but both Android and iOS uploads are being stored in the higher res now.

To uncover your own 1080px photos, use a desktop browser like Chrome or Firefox to open up an Instagram photo page’s source HTML code, then search for “.jpg” within it. The first result should be the URL to the larger version of the picture.


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