New Revamp To Our Beloved Bubble Wrap Is Going To Take Away Its Pop

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Everyone loves (to pop) bubble wrap. From manufacturers and shippers to kids and toddlers, bubble wrap has been a constant companion to packaging. However, the popping you enjoyed ? That is gonna be out now, with a new “version” of bubble wrap arriving to the market soon.

Sealed Air Corp, the original manufacturer of bubble wrap since 1960, just announced a newer version of its trademark bubble wrap. This new bubble wrap is apparently going to cover up one of traditional bubble wrap’s biggest disadvantage.

Traditional bubble wrap was sold in rolls (huge rolls, if we may) and these rolls took up a lot of space. Transportation and storage, both were affected. This was a very big headache for manufacturers and shippers. And thus, e-commerce was almost a nightmare for a small shop owner, looking to deliver fragile goods.

To counter this, Sealed Air announced that it will now be selling its trademark wrap in a whole new way. Instead of selling rolls of air-filled plastic wraps, the company has come up with an ingenious solution of selling the bubble wrap as sheets which can later be filled with air by the user using a custom air pump.

And, unluckily, because of this, our favourite past time, popping the bubbles, has been eradicated, much to the dismay of fans.

The new bubble wrap has been named iBubble wrap and it can be considered an attempt by Sealed Air to reclaim its lost profits. The company’s market share, has deflated considerably over the past as they are unable take advantage of e-commerce and other newer trading methods trade because of the sheer bulk of the wraps.

The iBubble wrap is approximately 150 times the width of traditional bubble wrap before it is inflated, making it much more portable and storage efficient. Using this new pro, the company will now be able to take advantage of e-commerce.

All this comes at a price, though as the new architecture of the bubble wrap prevents high pressure from bursting the tiny bubbles. No more popping of bubbles for us unfortunately.


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