ConfirmTkt, a mobile application for travel planning and train tickets, has raised Rs 75 lakh in an angel round from Pravin Agarwala and another undisclosed investor. It plans to expand its operations and hire new talent.

Founded in July 2014 by Dinesh Kumar Kptha and Sripad Vaidya, ConfirmTkt has developed an algorithm which uses analytics to predict the possibility of a waiting list ticket in IRCTC being confirmed based on historical trends. It assists you in deciding whether to book or not if the train is in waitlist.

The algorithm is designed in a way that it learns while predicting, pretty much what AI does. So, the more it predicts the more accurate and efficient it becomes. It aims to become a one stop travel portal which can get a confirmed ticket for users even if it involves checking all the all the possible options.

Apart from predictions, its algorithm also discovers alternative routes, when there are no possible direct route for a ticket is confirm. The company claims that it has been thoroughly tested on about 2,500 trains and achieved an overall accuracy of 88%.

It was first started as a website to check for the confirmation possibility. But, since the launch of its mobile app, almost 80 percent of its traffic comes through its mobile app. It receives about 15,000 visits per day and around 20,000 new users every month.

You just have to enter the PNR and click “Get status “button to get the PNR information instantly. Enter the PNR of the waitlist ticket and click “Get Status”. If your ticket is in wait-list/RAC and you want to be notified when your ticket gets confirmed, just enter a valid email ID to subscribe for PNR confirmation notification.

Dinesh Kumar Kotha, co-founder of the company, said,

We have also incorporated the feature for travel planning by showing options for break journeys and will soon introduce bus and air options to make it a last minute travel planning platform.


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