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iOS 9 Will Try And Predict Your Touch

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Apple recently staged a significant leap in technology advancement by introducing force touch to its devices, which indeed made a huge difference to how we use touch devices to accomplish our basic tasks. It seems that Apple isn’t done yet. As per hints that recently surfaced web, Apple seems to be working on a system that would try to predict user’s touch.

With the developer preview of the latest mobile OS from the Cupertino out and the official release not far, developers are spotting various new and improved features in the sleekest smartphone operating system the world has ever seen.

Some of these updates are factual and quite predictable, some of them have already been showcased in the WWDC but some features are still waiting to be found.

Recently, a nugget of code was spotted by developers which could try and predict the users touch. How it works? No one knows exactly. But our best guess is that the UI will learn from how the user works his/her phone.

It will take into account what he/she does most and where his/her actions lead to most times. Something like separating different types of variables, if you are into programming.

We don’t know how precise this new approach is going to be. It could be so good that it may play your favourite game for you, or it may be a gimmick and not do much except for going back and forth in the UI. But whatever the case, this  new development shows that technology, especially mobile tech, is surely getting smarter than most people could have ever imagined.

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