YouTube has developed a new way to help artists plan their tours or sell their records. We have already seen how YouTube keeps track of the number of views of a particular video on the website. These numbers may show the artists which of their tracks are popular but they do not show them where this popularity comes from or which region, for instance, should be their next tour target.

Music Insights is YouTube’s answer for every artists mind boiling question. Who loves our music ?

In short, Music Insights will show artists hotspots where their music is popular. Not only this, it will also show them which of their songs are most played by the people there.  Also, this tool will aggregate all the views of the videos which fans have uploaded using the artists music.

David King, YoutTube’s group product manager, when asked about this magical tool says, Youtube has billions of followers online and music is one of YouTube’s key strengths. According to him Music Insights will help artists learn how their music is being consumed worldwide.

There are three main data points of this analytic tool:

  • Top Cities– It shows the music hotspots where the artists’ songs are popular. This can be of high value for any artist to plan their tours and also request radio stations to play their tracks.
  • Top Songs– This will tell artists which of their songs are popular and will help them understand which type of music the audience likes from them. This can assist in working out future albums, music videos, radio tracks, B-side and such.

YouTube's Music Insights

  • Aggregated View Counts– YouTube already shows us a view count of videos of a particular account, but Music Analytics gives you the number of views on any videos uploaded by a fan, featuring your tracks, has received, in addition to the number of views your videos could muster up. This is a great plus as you will be able to track videos featuring your music and learn from them about the type of music your fans demand and like.

Spotify and Pandora have also got features which enable users to do all this, but King believes that YouTube’s services will be better. When asked why, he responds by saying that YouTube has a larger bandwidth of audience than any other service worldwide, which is absolutely true. For the sake of stats, YouTube – 1 Billion+ | Pandora and Spotify – 80 Million+ each.

Overtime, YouTube will enable manipulation of these analytic information and help artists to combine this data with other analytics.

This launch is YouTube’s effort for repairing its image with artists after problems regarding contracts for the paid subscriptions which led to many artist complaining.

This will surely be a great addition to YouTube’s already amazing music supporting features. Working with them will help artists be more popular as well as target proper audience for their music. This is surely a new step towards a smart world.


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