Finally ! Finally ! Finally breaking the ice on Windows 10’s release date, Microsoft has today (finally !!!) announced that the last OS to come out under the Windows branding will be available for consumers from July 29.

And to make this release date announcement even more special, Microsoft has assigned this task of revelation to its digital assistant Cortana, which will answer your Windows 10 launch date questions on your Windows Phone.

Microsoft says, that it has made ‘great progress’ on Windows 10 through the feedback and testing of over four million Windows Insiders, and that it is nearly ready to deliver this free upgrade to all of its Windows customers. The initial upgrade however, will be available only for PCs and Tablets.

Microsoft’s last and final roll-out of a full-fledged OS (later to be offered as a service) comes with numerous additions and add-ons to make it a more futuristic one, pretty much unlink Windows 8, which despite great visual overhauls, failed to gain any sort of traction among the 1.5 Billion strong Windows owner community.

You can have a full look at the announcement here, and our comprehensive coverage on anything and everything on Windows 10, by clicking here. Below are the two launch videos released by Microsoft :

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