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Continuing its slew of strategic agreement signings with OEMs across the globe, Microsoft has now announced as many as 20 new global and regional OEM partners, including the likes of LG and Sony, who will now sell out their tablets pre-installed with Microsoft Office Apps.

In March earlier this year, Microsoft had, for the first time, partnered with 8 Global as well as Regional OEMs for pre-installing all of Microsoft Office’s on their respective devices.

Under these strategic agreements, partner OEMs will offer Android tablets pre-installed with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype in the near future. They will also be available on a yet-to-launch LG tablet, and Sony will include them on their Xperia Z4 tablet in the next 90 days.

Expanding partnerships with more OEMs is one of the aspects of Microsoft’s current cross-platform strategy. The Redmond giant has been pushing off and aggressive cross-platform campaign, the latest addition being its just released “Phone Companion” app to allow even iOS and Android smartphone owners to connect their devices to a Windows 10 PC.


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