Venturesity, an online job market platform which creates job specific challenges for companies to screen candidates, has grabbed its first funding of $270k from angel investors, including Phanindra Sama, Jay Sethuram, Hemant Kanakia and Ravi Trivedi.

It is a platform for companies to discover top talent through challenges. The company organises virtual and on-the-ground hackathons for jobseekers to showcase their talent to employers. Employers can also post challenges for job seekers on the platform for a particular job profile.

These challenges are in the form of Hackathons, Codesprints, Codejams, Online Contests, etc. Along with such hackathons, the company also organizes Workshops, Bootcamps, etc in order to help job seekers get through the challenge.

The company is now looking to plan their hackathons worldwide by taking the whole model online. This will allow coders from any part of the world to participate in them.

It has successfully organized challenge hackathon for companies like StayZilla, Ola,, Hike, Newshunt and many more. It is now planning to host hackathons for design and content creation profiles.

Subhendu Panigrahi, co-founder of the company, said,

Passive job seekers form 20% of the user network. It is more of a challenge model, and not the regular, run-ofthe-mill interview problem sets, and is gaining a lot of momentum.”

Phanindra Sama, one of the investor in the company, said,

Through Venturesity, people exhibit skills in real time and get hired, and employers forget about resumes. I thought that was great, and wish we had that in RedBus. The business model is innovative.

Venturesity was founded two years ago by Prashant Koirala, Rajesh Raiand Subhendu Panigrahi. It claims to have conducted over 40 challanges and around 100 people have been hired through the challenges.


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