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While the S6 twins took the centre stage at Samsung’s just concluded unpacked event, the Korean-giant made a short-sweet announcement regarding the launch of an Oculus-powered VR headset, for the s6 and S6 Edge.

While the new, upgraded Gear VR will still be a developer edition i.e. ‘Innovator Edition’, and while it continues to be powered by Oculus software and mechanics, what’s striking about the new Gear VR, is that it has been designed specifically to be used with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge’s ultra-high resolution 577 ppi 5.1-inch Quad HD display.

The high-density display on the S6 line-up will make sure that the new Gear VR will be even more exhilarating than the previous one. The overall VR environment will be denser and sharper, thanks to the Quad HD display on Samsung’s Galaxy S6 line-up.

It’s also much smaller than the Gear VR set designed for the Note 4. The new dimensions (196mm x 107.9 mm x 82.9 mm) are a 15 percent reduction than the one designed for Note 4. Moreover, Samsung’s new Exynos processor will offer better speeds and higher FPS due to the advanced computation capabilities it brings in.

The new VR headset is still not something available for the general public, and Samsung is again testing it with developers. But nevertheless, this launch has at least re-assured the fact that Samsung is pretty much into Virtual reality, and a general use VR headset is probably nearing its release.


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