Moments ago, Samsung made numerous comparisons to iPhone 6, thus giving enough evidence as to why the S6 twins are better than Apple’s latest offering. However, it seems one particular comparison has irked up the Cupertino-giant, the comparison of cameras.

While Flickr says that iPhone cameras are the most used in the world right now, Samsung made it pretty clear (and with proof) as to how it continues to offer better camera and picture quality as compared to Apple. In a possible response to that (or not, it looks that way though), Apple has come up with a new ad campaign called World Gallery on its website, showing off pictures clicked by iPhone 6 owners.

Apple says,

Not just this. In order to let you know more about iPhone 6’s camera, Apple has even provided a link to a special page, which describes all those superpowers which an iPhone 6 camera possesses.

And yes, don’t think that its just a mere co-incidence that Apple has debuted this new ad campaign, at a time when both HTC and Samsung have made a statement, a statement that they are roaring to get back and have probably got just the right weapons to fight that battle.


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