We are well aware of Microsoft’s recent acquisitions to fill up that huge gap in its mobile apps portfolio. It has been buying startups not only in the U.S., but also in countries like Israel. The Redmond-giant is now looking to add one more company to that acquisition spree, news-digest app Prismatic (Source : TC).

Prismatic isn’t your usual news app. It has an algorithm in place, which suggests you news, based upon what your friends in the network are reading or liking. However, critics have been sceptic about the utility of a news app, when a plenty of them are already there (count in India’s News-in-Shorts too, it just raised a whopping $4 Million).

Moreover, while it is good to know what your friends are reading, it may always not be of your reading taste. Nevertheless, Microsoft is pursuing the acquisition and sources have told TechCrunch that the price tag it has put on the start-up is a $30 Million.

However, Microsoft isn’t the only tech-giant pursuing Prismatic. It has been learnt that Google and Facebook have also been going after Prismatic and so have Apple and Yahoo. Prismatic has raised a total of $15 Million till date in numerous rounds which includes investors like Accel Partners, Jim Breyer, Yuri Milner and Javelin’s Alex Gurevich.

We’ve contacted both Microsoft and Prismatic for the same, and will update the story once we receive a reply.


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