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Apple pushes out first beta of iOS 8.3 to developers

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Even though iOS 8.2 isn’t out in the form of public release yet, Apple has just seeded in its developers with the first beta of iOS 8.3, promising some ‘noteworthy’ improvements to its programming language ‘Swift’. (via Apple Insider)

It is still unknown as to what exact improvements has Apple pushed in this early stage beta of iOS 8.3, but expect major improvements and addition of some new features before the version goes public. The new beta has been named Build 12F5027d, and Apple has warned developers that once upgraded to iOS 8.3 Beta, devices cannot be rolled back to previous iOS iterations.

Apart from this beat, developers have been additionally provided with with Xcode 6.3 beta, which comes alongside Version 1.2 of Apple’s programming language, Swift on Monday. Apple’s release notes state that the Swift update contains a number of “noteworthy” changes.

The latest Xcode 6.3 Beta consists of a new tool named ‘Swift Migrator’, which helps developers migrate from Swift 1.1 to Swift 1.2 seamlessly.

This latest build from Apple is being considered early by most in the developer community, as it has been just a week since Apple released the fifth beta of iOS 8.2. iOS 8.2 is yet to go public.


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