Well, while many of you were rejoicing a few days back, when Pirate Bay ‘came back from dead’, it looks like another popular torrent site, Kickass torrents may have to go through that process.

Media reports have just come in, saying that Kickass’s Somali extension fell pray to domain seizure, with the domain being listed as ‘Banned; when checked upon on domain listing service Whois. But since Kickass has moved its domain several times since its launch in 2008, this may just be another such move.

However, if it actually is a domain seizure, then this s quite possibly, one of the biggest feats for copyright activists. In fact, same can be said for the newly returned Pirate Bay. users have been complaining of fake torrents, corrupt downloads and almost zero moderation. Piracy, has definitely been hit with a big enough hurdle.

Meanwhile, the entire time PirateBay was down, Kickass surged in popularity, becoming quite possibly, the only trustworthy (that is so ironic here) source for torrent freaks on the internet. Thsi surge may be a possible reason for Kickass’s domain seizure, though it is still unclear as to whether this was intentional, or actually a seizure.

We will continue to update this story as and when we receive an update


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