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Microsoft expected to finish Windows 10 in june

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report in Neowin says that Microsoft is expected to finish building the Windows 10 by June, to be released later this year. The Redmond giant is also working on the Mobile OS, to be released alongside the desktop build.

We have already seen those quick technical preview builds which have been coming out at a pretty regular pace. Microsoft already previewed the consumer build of Windows 10 in its January event, and the report says that it has started working on the mobile OS too.

However, Microsoft’s traditional releases have been around the August time previously, then why June this year ? Well, Brad Sams at Neowin gives a logical explanation,

The month of August did not make a lot of sense if you were trying to sell licenses and devices for the back to school market. Previously, when an OS hit RTM in August, hardware from OEMs would not be ready until October which is good for the holidays but misses the back to school shoppers.

That pretty much has been the reason why Windows 8 just couldn’t be the hit Microsoft expected it to be. In fact it was no way near being a hit, largely because of it failed to attract that younger bracket of population towards its overall look and appeal.

Another reason why Microsoft is fastening up the release schedule, is because it wants the final build to be ready, so that the same could be pushed into devices like the Surface series of tablets in time, for the back-to-school shoppers.

Brad further notes that since Surface Pro 3 was released in June last year, just the right time for back-to-school shoppers, releasing the same in June this year, along with a freshly baked Windows 10, could be a boon for Microsoft’s upcoming Operating System.

Also, if we look at the release time table of Windows 8,  the OS hit RTM August 1st, after being previewed for consumers in February. Now, since we saw the consumer preview for Windows 10 in January, it is logical to think that the Final build may arrive in June.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to the same. However, do keep a watch on Microsoft’s developer conference, BUILD, wherein more details w.r.t. Windows 10 will be unveiled.



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