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Food ordering app Yumist raises $1 Million seed round to disrupt how and what you eat at office

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Ex-Zomato CMO founded food delivery app Yumist has secured a $1 Million round led by Orios Venture Partners. The app, which is currently available for select locations in Gurgaon, allows you to order homely meals in less than a minute and delivers you the same by providing a real-time ETA.

Yumist, which is currently available for Android platform, lets users order homely, diversified meals, in a matter of seconds. The ordered food is then delivered by Yumist’s self-owned delivery chain, within half-an-hour of ordering. The app has been founded by Alok Jain, ex-CMO at Zomato and seasoned F&B entrepreneur Abhimanyu Maheshwari. The founders aim to make the app available on iOS and Windows platforms soon.

What differentiates Yumist from the other food delivery startups that have sprung up recently, is the kind of meals they offer and a rather sophisticated delivery infrastructure powered by technology. With options like Rajma Chawal, Chicken Chawal, Aloo Parathe, etc Yumist is catering to the low priced daily meals market, and using technology to solve the challenges faced by customers in this market.

Alok Jain, Founder & CEO at Yumist says,

The average ordering time on our app is 25 seconds and the average delivery time is 19 minutes so far. We are trying to redefine how and what people eat at offices with quality and convenience being at the top of our agenda

Yumist, which  currently serves in select locations such as in Cyber City, Gurgaon aims to use the current investment to grow its team, expand geographically and build it’s production, technology and delivery infrastructure. Yumist seems to have cracked a low CAPEX and OPEX model that will allow them to grow across geographies rapidly.

However, it hasn’t always been a smooth sail for start-ups, when it comes to online delivery, specially in India. Much of the headache for any online delivery start-up in India has been to fight up that snarling traffic, resulting in hour-long jams across even the widest of roads. This can be a major issue to deal with, specially for a start-up delivering perishable items such as freshly cooked food. However, Yumist has plans to take care of that. Abhimanyu, Founder & COO at Yumist says,

Food has to arrive at your desk at a specific temperature & texture and we have a sophisticated, constantly evolving supply chain in place to ensure that

Quality is another aspect where a food delivery start-up has to devote a lot of time and resources to. Speaking on the same, Abhimanyu explains,

Every meal offered by us goes through rigorous trials and quality controls before making it’s appearance on the Yumist menu.

Yumist claims that the average ordering time on its app is near to 25 seconds, which indicates the hassle-free nature of Yumist’s app. The start-up claims to deliver food in under 30 minutes of time, due to a unique combination of food, logistics and tech which has been put in place.


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