Apart from the new range of tablets, Amazon also announced an upgrade to its Fire OS. The new OS, Fire OS4, is named “Sangria” and like its predecessors, is based on Android KitKat.

Amazon has tweaked the UI of the OS in version 4. There are now also profiles, so different users can have different email, Facebook, and Twitter, and device settings accounts on one device.

Another interesting feature in the new OS is the ASAP. ASAP, acronym for Advanced Streaming and Prediction, predicts which movie or TV show you might want to watch next, and starts them instantly. There’s also Smart Suspend, which suspends wireless connectivity to increase battery standby time upto 25%.

Also, similar to what Apple has provided you, Amazon’s new OS gives you “Family Sharing”. As the name suggests, you can share various apps, games, photos etc. with family members through Amazon account.

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