IMAGE : TechCrunch
IMAGE : TechCrunch IMAGE : TechCrunch

Samsung, moments ago, announced the Galaxy Note 4 phablet. It is the latest addition to Samsung’s “only” popular flagship series, Galaxy Note.

Lets talk about the design first. Not much has changed on that part. It has the same faux leather back cover, as was sported by its predecessor, the Note 3. The only slight changes, which are noticeable, include the metal strip that runs along the side of the device, which is a bit more straight-edged in the new phone.

But, take note that the hardware specs, are an alltogether different league, if we compare it to its predecessor.  In terms of the display, it sports a 5.7-inch 2560×1440 Quad-ultra HD “2K” display, measuring in at 518 pixels per inch. This is a 3% increasae from the previous model, which packed a 386 PPI. 

The camera, which is a staggering 16 mega-pixels, now comes with the much needed Optical Image Stabilisation. The front snapper is a strong 3.7-megapixel (f/1.9), which allows you to take clear, face-centric selfies with ease.

Open the back cover, and you’ll find the huge 3320 mAh battery with special software to help with fast . Samsung claims that 50% of the battery can get charged with just 30 minutes of charging. It has also provided an “Ultra-Power Saving Mode” for efficient use in low-power conditions.

The S-pen stylus is much more fluidic and acts more or less like a mouse. A heart-rate sensor, similar to the one on Galaxy S5, is also present. Samsung also announced a Virtual reality headset along with the Note4.

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