Photo Cortesy : The Verge
Photo Cortesy : The Verge
Photo Cortesy : The Verge

Yes, that is absolutely right ! You and me might have stopped using magnetic tapes long ago, but these tapes are still used by Government agencies and corporations for storing archives, largely due to their cheapness.

And Sony Corporation has broken the record established by IBM in the year 2010, by developing a magnetic tape, with an incredible storage capacity of 18.5GB per square inch, 5 times greatre than that developed by IBM in 2010.

This magnetic tape can store roughly 185 TB of data and achieves the world’s highest areal recording density for tape storage media of 148 Gb/in2 (gigabits per square inch). This areal recording density is equivalent to approximately 74 times the capacity of current mainstream coated magnetic tape storage media, and makes it possible to record more than 185 TB (terabytes) of data per data cartridge.

Sony announced this development on their website. This tape hasn’t been made commercial yet.

Sony will jointly announce these results with IBM Corporation, who assisted with measuring and assessing the recording density of this new technology, at the INTERMAG Europe 2014 international magnetics conference to be held in Dresden, Germany beginning on May 4.

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