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Mammoth, making your online discussions, truly collaborative

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Don’t just take notes, give your discussions, a collaborative approach.

There must have been times in your life, when you went through a lot of advices from different people for your next day presentation. Now, you need to take out points from all those advices, and what did you do ? Scrolling through their mails, their recommended articles and so on. Well, here’s a better solution : Register on Mammoth .

In this featured article,  we introduce to you, yet another innovative start-up, Mammoth. Launched last year,  Mammoth is all about helping you do more, by being more productive and better organized with all the information you deal with. It does this by bringing all your conversations, your files and everyone involved on the same page.

In the words of their founders, “Mammoth solves an important problem in a unique way. We believe collaboration goes beyond a comment box and Mammoth boards show the story of your decisions “.  ” Mammoth allows you to tell a better story of your choices by combining content with conversation “, they further add.

How does Mammoth do this ? They have a simple algorithm in place. Generally, when you are working with a lot of links, you have to scroll through them repeatedly. For example, I have a made a word document in Google Drive, and want to put some matter into it from a mail which my colleague sent me. I’ll go to my mail, select, copy and paste that matter in my document. This may sound nice for one time, but I easily get irritated if I have to do that repeatedly.

Turn Conversations into result : Mammoth

And here comes Mammoth. It adds the ideas of a large number of people, on a single collaborative board. Open a single window, you get a simple, neat and clean board, and there you go. Write anything, everything, involve your colleagues into discussion, and stop going to that single mail and copying pasting repeatedly. Mammoth updates in real time and hence it turns your conversations into results. Basic premise of Mammoth is when ALL information is in one place, its easier to understand, develop and discuss.

The interface is clean, uncomplicated, and minimalistic. Yet, it still gives you all the tools, you might need during a discussion. Once you open their website (MammothHQ), you will have to reserve a place for yourself in their network. Once your place has been reserved, you’ll be notified via an email as soon as your account is up and running. You can add a profile picture, a short bio, and your web address in profile options.

Mammoth’s browser extension is another innovative feature which caught our eye. Mammoth boards are available to you even when you’re browsing some other website. Drag in links, image and text from any webpage. Through it, you can communicate in real time, with other editors. Interface is based on Flat UI concept, as is the case with most of the apps today. Also, they give you 5 GB of free space (which is some serious space on web) for your discussions and documents.

All your content organised in the form of boards

You can include texts, images, videos, diagrams, all into one collaborative document. Plan your vacation with your relatives, or discuss the next new product of your company. All of this, on one single page, all of this, on Mammoth.

Currently, the app is in Beta phase as they are looking for constructive feedback from users. As per the founders, Mammoth is being used by students, researchers, law firms, engineers, designers, writers, films & media production and government organizations and some have even paid them to use the app in its full power.

The Tech-Portal 6-liner for Mammoth : Mammoth is a great idea, an innovative concept, and best part of all, is simple and uncomplicated (unlike your regular note-taking apps).  Since it is in its initial phase, it does have some bugs, but all in all, it is handy. Imagine all your colleagues sitting in different parts of the world, and discussing company issues on one single page. For me, the best part is, while discussing things on Mammoth, I don’t get bored (unlike verbal discussions).

For further improvements, we specially wish to see features like making an entire project report, or a presentation, collaboratively, in real-time, editing online videos and images, or on a more advanced note, developing applications, in real-time.

Mammoth is something, which has all the potential to take on popular apps like Evernote (specially evernote). People are bored of taking notes, but due to lack of proper alternatives, they continue to use it. Moreover, we think that, the uncomplicated nature of Mammoth is something, which is going to attract users.

You can visit Mammoth by clicking here

Editor-at-large and co-founder at The Tech Portal. He is a tech enthusiast with interests in new-age technology fields like Ai, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Outer Space and related stuff. Drop him a mail anytime, very reachable.

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