We have been hearing a common complain from (the very few) windows phone users in India, the complain being : “Why can’t we have Cortana ?” Well, here’s a 2-step answer as to how you can get Cortana for yourself, being in India.


Cortana is a voice based virtual assistant from Microsoft. It is powered by Bing (no option for Google, obviously ) and is like Apple’s Siri or Samsung’s S voice (but according to us, better than both). Microsoft assured that this will get better with time and people will spend more time on it. Cortana is sometimes funny unlike S voice or Siri. Also in functionality, Cortana is one of the best when compared with Siri and Google Now.

Now, Cortana is only available in the United States. So coming straight to the point, this is how you can get Cortana in your Windows phone (if you have installed the 8.1 update):

Step 1 :

Open Settings, and then select region. In the region option, Select United States. In the “Regional format” option beneath, select “match phone language“. And we are done with Step 1. Cakewalk, isn’t it ?

 1   2

Step 2 :

Now, go back to settings, and select language. Change the language to English (United States). If you do not have that language pack installed, you can download it, it’s roughly 22 MB in size. Step 2, done !

3   4


Step 3 :

Reboot your phone ! And that’s it, you will now see Cortana in your app list.

Got some other issues with Windows 8.1, drop us a comment below, and we’ll be happy to help !


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