Nexus 5 hasn't been much of a success in low-tier markets
Nexus 5 hasn’t been much of a success in low-tier markets

Rumours have started coming in regarding the next Nexus in line, and this is some good news. If rumours are right, the next Nexus from Google may be a budget phone, priced at as low as $100 !


A chinese magazine has reported that Google is planning to launch the next Nexus phone in a budget range which will probably be around $100 (₹ 6000-₹ 7000). This new budget phone would although run on a Mediatek processor, the popular choice of most manufacturers, when it comes to low-priced phones.

So why is Google planning on a budget Nexus ? Price tag has never been an issue with any of the Google products, but the Nexus series, hasn’t been as popular as it should have been, partly because of its price, and specially in Asia.

Asia is one the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world (in budget phones range). India and China are particularly way ahead of other Asian countries as far as growth in this segment is concerned. But due to the emergence and success of local handset manufacturers, top players like Samsung, HTC, Sony have been compelled to launch budget range smartphones. We think, Google is probably following the suit.

Google’s Nexus series is pricey, as far as these markets are concerned. Google’s Nexus 4 was launched for $300 (₹ 20,000 approx.) and Nexus 5 was launched at $349 (₹28,999 in India).  So Google is probably following what Apple did, introduce low-cost smartphones with cheaper hardware. This Nexus, as we think, will probably house a MediaTek processor, becuase most manufacturers use MediaTek chips when it comes to low-cost phones.

There’s has been no other update regarding this new Nexus. So, till then, stay tuned with us, for more on this supposedly cheaper Nexus.


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