The NBN or National Broadband Network has been a long time coming. It was proposed roughly a decade ago and is currently in the process of being rolled out across the country. Yet there are people who still think it’s optional. So why doesn’t everyone know about it?

Why it isn’t known to everyone 

Some people think that NBN doesn’t apply to them if they don’t access the internet. Others think it won’t matter if they don’t want to change. What they don’t realise is that every ISP and phone company is going to be using it. The only exceptions are the people who are extremely far off the grid and have to use satellite internet and television connection. If you’re connected to the water and power grid, you can expect to be on NBN. Another reason some people think it’s optional, is because they received a letter telling them they have a year or so to convert. This makes them think it’s a choice, when it’s more a matter of “choose a plan before we do it for you”. 

Why it is compulsory 

Everyone is being forced onto the new network. This is even true when you have an ADSL2 plan that’s potentially faster than the fastest NBN plan available to you. The internet service providers are allowed to force you over to a provision in their contracts that say they can roll over your service to a comparable one when the old technology is no longer available. They have to roll everyone over for several reasons. One reason is that it’s cost-prohibitive to maintain old infrastructure for the few that may want to remain on it. The other is to simplify support and help pay for the new infrastructure. That may mean that you’re asked to sacrifice and suffer through short-term disruptions so that, on average, everyone gets faster, better service in the long-run. 

What happens if you don’t convert? 

When NBN is set up in your area, you’re typically given 18 months to shop available NBN plans and sign up. What happens if you don’t? Your existing landline and internet service could be cut. 

Note that conversion to NBN isn’t automatic. You have to contact a service provider when you’re ready to move to NBN. If you don’t take action before the deadline, your service will be cut off, as NBN isn’t allowed to just roll you over to the plan of their choosing. You will have to choose an NBN service plan based on your download, upload and monthly data allowance.There are a very few service businesses that are exempt from the managed disconnection services. This rarely includes individuals. If you have a home security system or medical monitoring that is routed through existing phone lines, you should tell your NBN provider so they can connect you to the right plan and infrastructure to keep everything running.