While there are some alternatives to the Android App Store, Lucky Patcher is something different, and it is proving popular. Rather than offering modified apps for you to download, it helps you modify the apps and games already on your device, besides offering other useful features too. Keep reading to find out what Lucky Patcher can do for you.

Lucky Patcher Requirements:

While Lucky Patcher is one of the best Android tools available, there are some requirements to meet before you can use it:

  • Android v2.33 – Gingerbread or higher
  • 2 GB RAM or more
  • 8 GB internal storage or more
  • Your device should be rooted – it does work on an unrooted device, but the features are not so good

How to Download Lucky Patcher:

  1. Open your browser and go to the Lucky Patcher website; download it to your device
  2. Open Settings on your device and tap on Security (or Privacy)
  3. Enable the Unknown Sources option – failure to do this will lead to errors
  4. Open your downloads location and double-tap on the Lucky Patcher file
  5. Tap on Yes on the popup message to confirm you want to install the file
  6. You will see the icon on your home page when it’s done

What is Lucky Patcher?

It is a viral Android tool that lets users modify the games and apps on their devices. With this tool, you can install patches, add new features to your apps, remove the ads, bypass the license verifications, remove restrictions, and more.

Perhaps the most popular use for this tool is the removal of the irritating ads that come with apps and games downloaded from the official store, especially free ones. Normally, you would need o pay to upgrade the app to remove these, but this tool lets you do it easily and for free.

Plus, it doesn’t take up much room on your device, less than 10 MB, and it won’t interfere with the way your device works.

Lucky Patcher Features:

Lucky Patcher offers some cool and useful features:

  • Ad Removal – get rid of ads from your apps for good.
  • Bypass the In-App Purchases – avoid all the in-app purchases
  • Game Modification – modify your games so all in-app features are available and you get unlimited gems, coins, and other game bonuses right from the start – be aware that root access may be required for this.
  • Change App Permissions – change the app permissions to ones you are happy to accept, not what the game requires.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The answers to these questions tell what you need to know about Lucky Patcher:

Will Lucky Patcher Cause Harm to My Device or Data?

No. Lucky Patcher may modify the apps on your device, but it will not cause any harm to it, nor it will it compromise your data or interfere with anything else on your device.

How Does it Work?

When you have installed Lucky Patcher on your device, it will examine the applications and games and advise you where the best changes can be made. This includes removing license verifications, ads, and more.

Is Lucky Patcher Illegal to Use?

No… It is only an app that does not need any special permission to be installed. However, some of the app features are illegal, technically speaking, so you are using the app at your own risk.

Does My Android Device Need to be Rooted?

No, but you will find it works better if your device is rooted. When you install Lucky Patcher on a rooted device, it automatically changes the installed apps, if they can be changed. If you don’t root the device, you will have fewer features and will need to do everything manually.

Will Lucky Patcher Work on My Games?

There is no way of knowing – all you can do is try the app and see. Obviously, it cannot work on all games because there are far too many, and they are far too diverse. Some games we know it does work on are:

  • Zombie Scrapper
  • Stick War: Legacy
  • Tower Madness 2: 3D Defence
  • Age of wind 3
  • Zombie Highway 2 etc.

Chrome Tells Me The App is Harmful

Lucky Patcher is not a harmful app, and we can promise you that. Chrome gives you the same message as any app that you try to download so, on this occasion, you can ignore it.

Lucky Patcher is a great tool for all Android users, especially those who choose to root their devices first. It offers plenty of cool modification features, but, once again, we must advise you that, as some of these features may be considered illegal, your usage of the app is entirely at your own risk. That hasn’t stopped millions of people across the world from using it with no problems, though, so join the fun and download it today.