FlekStore is one of the more recent alternatives to the iOS app store, originally released as a Cydia alternative. It comes in two choices – free or Pro – and both offer plenty of apps and games for your iOS device without needing to jailbreak, although the free version is a lot more limited.

Read on for all the details.

How to Download FlekStore

You can download and install FlekStore on your device without needing your computer to do so. Although you have the option of a free download, it is recommended that you purchase the Pro versions as you get so much more with it. It costs just $16.99 for the year and everything else; all the apps and modded games in the store are completely free.

  1. Using the Safari browser on your device, open the FlekStore web page, and choose Free or Pro.
  2. Tap on the Share button
  3. From the options that appear, tap on Add to Home Screen and wait for the icon to appear.
  4. Launch the app from your home page and tap on Device
  5. Now you need to add the UDUD profile to your device.
  6. Open your iOS Settings app and tap General > Profiles.
  7. Go to Profiles & Device Management and install the profile.
  8. Give FlekStore your device UDID
  9. If you are purchasing the Pro version, you need to purchase a yearly subscription to activate it.

Fixing the Untrusted Developer Error:

You can start using the store straight away, but if you are faced with the Untrusted Developer error, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open your Settings app and tap on General>Profiles & Device Management.
  2. Find the developer name and tap it.
  3. Tap the Trust button and close Settings
  4. Now you can use FlekStore without any errors.

What is FlekStore?

Although you can get a free version of this app, it is more like a taster of what’s on offer. To reap the full benefits of this unofficial store, you should purchase a yearly subscription. FlekStore is a premium alternative to the iOS app store and to the many other third-party stores available today. As well as offering you unfettered access to thousands of modified and tweaked apps and games for free, it also provides you with the ability to use a developer certificate for signing external IPA files.

One thing you should be aware of is that, even though you pay for it, it is still classed as unofficial, and Apple may revoke the app certificate. If less than 180 days have passed since you purchased the app store, the developer will restore it for free. If more than 180 days have passed, you will be offered a discount on your next subscription to activate the store.

So, what do you get for your money? FlekStore offers you free access to thousands of apps, including unlocked games, where all the in-app features and bonuses are free, modified apps with cool new features and many more, There are jailbreak utilities, game emulators, screen recorders, tools and more. The store has two modes – dark and white – and you can change this in the app settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Safe is FlekStore?

FlekStore is 100% safe to use. You do not need to install a jailbreak to use it, so you are not contravening any of Apple’s security. Tests reveal that it does not contain any malware, viruses, spyware, or adware, and it will not affect anything else on your device.  It is a legal app, and it offers you access to those apps that you won’t find in the official app store, such as emulators like GBA4iOS, PPSSPP, Happy Chick. Be aware that, while it is a legal app, it does offer some cracked content.

  • Can I Use it on Android?

No. FlekStore is an iOS platform only, and the developers have no plans to make it available for any other platform. If you see websites claiming to have the Android version of the app, they are fake sites.

  • Can I Download Hacked Games?

Yes, FlekStore offers a selection of hacked games, but you must be aware that they are illegal to download – that means you download them at your own risk.

  • FlekStore Isn’t Working – Why Not?

Like all other unofficial stores, FlekStore uses expired developer certificates. Apple monitors these and will revoke them; until the developer provides a new certificate, the app store cannot be used.

Fixing FlekStore Errors

If FlekStore crashes or it won’t install, it is likely because of the developer certificate. Try reinstalling the store or use an anti-revoke app or proxy that will bypass the revocation.

FlekStore may require payment for you to access its best features, but it is worth it. It offers tons of features and apps not found even in some of the other unofficial stores, so give it a go today and see what you think of it.