Robotics and automation have progressed unimaginably in the last decade. With companies looking to make robots that work almost like a human, take some time to ponder on how quickly technology has changed. 

Even a couple of decades back, you saw bomb-defusing teams struggling to identify the wire that will trigger the blast. Now, with the advent of bomb-defusing robots from A2Z Advanced Solutions LTD, you don’t need a human team to do the high-risk job. The robot is programmed to defuse the bomb, and so it will. The CEO of this company, Bentsur Joseph is always on the lookout for technology that can help people. His efforts have also helped to create fire-fighting unmanned robots that reduce the dangers firefighters face during their encounters.

Growth of robotics in 2019

2019 will be yet another year where you can expect the robotics industry to come up with several new features that will help various fields achieve their work quickly. Here are a few glimpses of what’s waiting:

1.    Flexible sensors

Engineers are trying to create a flexible carbon nanotube composite coating that will work on a significant number of fibers, including wool, nylon, and cotton. Apart from providing the flexibility that these fibers require, these coatings will also measure pressure from industrial applications and human blood pressure. Experts believe that the sensors will use the electrophoretic deposition to achieve its objectives. Previously, scientists tried using the same technique with silicone, but the robots did not respond as efficiently as they are doing now.

2.    Service bots

The robotic industry will gather momentum in 2019, and there will be many new business models that will improve the structure of this technology. Robotics-as-a-Service is going to be the new wave that different industries will love. It will tackle and maintain robot deployments that are presently connected to multiple industry-vertical databases. This will have significant benefits like reducing upfront costs. Many small businesses will benefit from this service because they may want to save their capital initially. Startups that need frequent scaling support will find service bots very helpful. 

3.    Cloud robotics

Cloud technology is something that has fast become the need of the hour now. Almost all companies upload their confidential documents on the cloud so that they can access it from anywhere they want. Cloud robotics will take the technology a step further. Resource companies will use decentralized computing to cut down on costs. Apart from lower costs, these companies will also be able to process and share information in a jiffy. Moreover, cloud robotics will also be supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, the robot will have more capacity, and the performance level will be top-notch. And, the best part is, users will be able to scale the performance and increase or reduce its capability depending on their requirement.

2019 is going to be a landmark year in the robotics industry. The way the technology has progressed in the last few years is proof that we are moving towards a world that will be controlled more by robots and less by humans.