Bengaluru based workplace optimization app Aerotime has raised $2Mn in a seed round, led by Nexus Venture Partners, Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital India and SOMA Capital. The company also got early stage angel investors in Akshay Kothari (COO, Notion), Nir Eyal (NYTimes Bestselling author of Hooked & Indistractable), and Damien Coullon (VP Product, LinkedIn).

Piyush Narwani, co-founder of Aerotime, said, “Time is one of the most valuable assets we have, yet we waste it without realizing it. Prioritization and context switching are two of the biggest reasons for this. Aerotime helps you be intentional about time and automates many workflows to save time. Our vision is to help humans live life in a flow state – together, let’s be effective and not busy!”

Corporate workspace (Well, the physical, pre-covid, real deal anyway) is a word that triggers imagination. Taking a moment to visualise it, an average-joe sees retirement parties, birthday celebrations, break room chatter, water cooler conversations, and a young adult with their hands on their forehead, contemplating a startup. Notice how any element of work was not a part of this thought? That’s because workspaces are far from their ideal, most productive atmospheres. And chiefly because these offices operate on some managerial individual’s availability, disrupting the employees’ calendars. This, is where Aerotime comes into the picture.

Aerotime, founded in 2021 by Piyush Narwani and Dhruv Goel, is a workplace optimisation App that squeezes out most of the uninterrupted free time and puts it to use for the whole team by recommending perfect time slots for new as well as existing meetings. The app’s algorithm runs through more than 20 parameters to come up with these schedule recommendations like preferred focus times, past meeting schedules, per-user time fragmentation, etc.

But that’s not all, the app also attempts to decrease distractions with focus music and a Slack App integration that snoozes notifications while updating your status when you’re focusing. The product is currently deployed with 70 corporate teams from different companies and is now coming out of private beta testing stage. With the proceeds from the seed round, Aerotime has growth plans to target mid to large sized companies where this problem is most apparent. (Rest assured, no one from here at The Portal is in any way under performing.)

The marketspace for Aerotime is not too congested, but it is also not awaiting monopoly. The app faces competition from LettuceMeet, Clockwise and