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As the world continues to normalise unimpressed apes dressed up better than most humans one sees on a regular day, Meta Platforms Inc. is about to enable the use of NFTs on Instagram, according to a Coindesk report.

Instagram has reportedly created tie ups with popular NFT hosting blockchain networks Ethereum, Polygon, Flow and Solana in order to get digital art assets on their platform. An official announcement is expected to come as soon as Monday. Ethereum is the industry leader when it comes to NFTs, being home to the famous Bored Ape NFT Lineup.

The social media platform will be joining forces with a well adapted cryptocurrency wallet MetaDesk. This will allow users to plug in their wallets in order to prove ownership of their NFTs, display them on their profiles and give due credits to their creators.

In contrast to Twitter, who adopted the approach of charging users a small fee to show off their bored apes wearing Supreme jackets and Cartier chokers, Instagram will not be charging money to use NFTs.

Instagram is one of the most vastly reaching social media platforms in today’s date. With NFTs creating a presence among Instagram’s user pool, it could lead to wider acceptance and mainstream channeling of the concept to digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

NFTs have been making significant leaps of their own. Courtesy Indian NFT start-up Revise, NFTs can now be programmed to undergo changes in line with provided data, like a change of clothes and umbrellas when the weather reports show rain possibilities.