Credits: Wikimedia Commons

It seems that Google has heard the grievances of legacy G Suite users and extended an olive branch to them.

You may remember that Google had earlier announced that all G Suite legacy free edition users would need to transition and pay to use Workspace from July. If you do not pay the fee, you will lose your account.

Unsurprisingly, this was not accepted by many users, and now, Google is offering a solution that does not entail paying the fee or losing the account and their data.

Now, the tech giant updated its support page and says that it plans to offer more options to users.

According to Google’s earlier policy, if you switch to the paid Google Workspace subscription, you can use it at no cost until July, and then, you cannot switch back to the G Suite legacy free edition. If you choose to wait, Google will begin upgrading subscriptions automatically on May 1, 2022.

The G Suite legacy free edition lets users have a Google email address that ends with their own website domain rather than the default “” address. It is usually used for businesses. While Google stopped offering the free edition in 2012, it kept the service. However, few expected that it would cease this edition as well, and users would have to pay to keep their data and account.

For users who do not use the G Suite legacy free edition for business purposes, there is something else. Google is launching a short survey for free G Suite legacy free admins who have 10 users or less.

Let us see what the third option is. According to Google, it will be providing users with the option to move their non-Google Workspace paid content and most of their data to a no-cost option. This new option will not come with premium features like custom email or multi-account management. The company clarified that if you do not upgrade to Workspace, you will still retain access to additional Google services and paid content that you have purchased through non-Google Workspace services made with your legacy edition account (such as movies purchased on Google Play).