Credits: Ola

Homegrown ride-hailing platform Ola is all set to jump on the bandwagon of electric vehicles, this time in a different capacity. The company recently teased its upcoming product, which happens to be an electric scooter, and now, co-founder Bhavish Aggarwal has confirmed that the model is ready to enter the production phase very soon, through Twitter.

In a post, Aggarwal shared insights into the manufacturing facility that has been set up at Tamil Nadu, exclusively for producing the two-wheeler.

This comes less than a week after he had first confirmed that phase one was the facility’s construction was almost complete.

The electric scooters will be based on the AppScooter technology put forward by Netherland-based startup Etergo BV, which was acquired by Ola in 2020. From the teasers, it can be seen that the startup has not changed the design of AppScooter, and instead, has incorporated all its important features, including the compact wheelbase, twin-pod LED headlamp with LED DRL, narrow front apron, and LED taillights, in its own model.

Ola has claimed that the new scooter will come packed with “class-leading acceleration”, and will most likely be powered by the conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Meanwhile, users will also get the facility of easily charging their scooters, through what will be called as the Ola Hypercharger Network, which happens to be on the way to becoming the biggest EV charging network in the world. 400 cities will be covered through this network, which will be divided into as many as 1 lakh charging points. Moreover, the network will be capable of charging the battery to 50% in a matter of just 18 minutes, making it the fastest charging network across the globe as well. What’s even better is that with this 50% battery, users will be able to travel as far as 75 kilometers. That’s the power of electric vehicles for you.

Other features to look forward to include a “superior cornering ability”, as well as the “largest-in-class boot space.”

There’s another good news that’s waiting for those who are interested in the model, as Aggarwal has asked his followers (or in general anyone), to get themselves registered on the wait list for the product. They can do so by simply submitting their mail details on the official website of Ola Electric. His tweet read, ”Almost there! Scooter production to begin soon! Get on the waitlist and #JoinTheRevolution.”

Ola has promised that it will be manufacturing as many as 10 million electric vehicle models per year through the plant, which is powered by more than 3,000 Artificial Intelligence-enabled robots, and is surrounded by a large forest area on site, spanning more than 100 acres.