Credits: Google

Google has announced a new feature on Monday, making it easier for users to gain information about websites that they are visiting. Starting from the first of February, next to most of Google search results, the user will be able to click on the classic three-dot menu option to access information about the source website, and similar results.

search results page opening result panel

The information and description would be sourced from Wikipedia- when available. For those of you who do not know, Wikipedia is one of the most reliable source websites (at least according to Google’s announcement), which takes information from global users and verifies it. It’s exactly what it sounds like- an encyclopedia on the web.

When a wiki page is not available for the website, Google has said that it will provide any additional information it has, like the date on which it was indexed on Google. For features which google provides to organize different information, the menu option will show you information regarding the lists from the web or the businesses being showed itself.

Apart from the aforementioned details, the new feature also helps you see whether your connection is secure, and if it is safe to connect with the site. This will be done through the use of the https protocol which ensures an end-to-end encryption, to help users stay safe on the web. Additionally, quick access links to privacy settings and links to resources for learning more about google search, will also be available in the new menu option.

The feature has already been launched in the States on mobile web, Google Android, and desktop in the English language, and will soon also be available elsewhere. This new feature is a good step towards giving users information and peace of mind, especially those searching for important and critical information like say medications or finances, to ensure that the site they are getting their information from is legitimate. This is also a good way for users to discover about websites other than the big names, and find their new go-to websites. Here’s to transparency and technology!