Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Ever since a report claimed that Apple might be working on a self driving car, the internet has been flooded with speculations and predictions. And while it may take some time before the actual vehicle ‘hits the road’, we may have some insight into its production. A report from Korea Economic Daily cites statements from a Hyundai Motors executive, who said the automaker was in early talks with Apple about a possible partnership over the new project.

Of course, since Apple likes to keep its projects under wraps till they are completed, Hyundai later issued a statement that claims that it has been receiving requests of potential cooperation from diverse companies regarding development of autonomous driving EVs. However, no decisions have been made as discussions are in early stage.

Nonetheless, a report from MotorTrend claims that Apple is in fact talking to Hyundai, and the two companies may strike a deal.

This comes as no surprise, as Korea is a leader in lithium ion battery production, and Hyundai has a lot of experience in the market. Apple is trying to create breakthrough battery technology, and Hyundai may be one of the best candidates to help in the job.

The Cupertino tech giant has been trying to get a car on the road from quite some time now, but has failed to deliver anything substantial. Thus, a helping hand from a veteran company may help streamline the production and research process, and help Apple realize its goal of launching a car by 2024.

Project Titan, which is the name given to Apple’s initiative to produce an automobile, was reportedly first approved by CEO Tim Cook six years ago. The EV is part of Apple’s Project Titan, and is being prepared by an internal group focused on automotive and self-driving technologies.

The EV market is dominated by Tesla, which has become the most valuable automobile maker in the world. This has also helped Elon Musk add billions of dollars to his name, who now holds the title of the wealthiest man on the planet.