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Twitter, apparently faced a global outage last night, affecting a wide range of activities on the platform, including newsfeed and the ability to tweet. However, the company has confirmed that the issue has been resolved now and the platform is up and running. This is the second blackout that has occurred on Twitter within a span of a month.

Twitter first notified the issue on its Status page on Oct 15, 21:56 UTC and said, “We are currently investigating this issue. More updates to come.”

At 00:11 UTC, it sent out an update saying, “We are continuing to monitor the issue, and things appear to have returned to normal. For streams, if your connection was maintained during this period, you should have received available data since this issue also affected the publishing side of Twitter. If you disconnected at all, a Replay will recover any Tweets during your disconnect, and the volume is likely to be very small.”

Twitter even tweeted from its support page at 23:16 UTC saying:

Downdetector, an outage reporter, shows the peak of outage from 4:42 IST to 6:12 IST with more than 1000 reports of outage across Twitter’s website and mobile application.

Twitter later reported on its Status page that it is investigating issues on Historical PowerTrack, Enterprise Search, Replay API, Compliance Firehose, Standard v1.1 sample and filtered streams. It also clarified that Enterprise streaming endpoints, Engagement API and Insight Tracker are back in a healthy state and running. Twitter Support tweeted:

Finally, at 04:13 UTC, Twitter updated its status page saying all the issues have been resolved. The support page also tweeted saying, “And we’re all clear –– Twitter should be working as expected for everyone. Thanks for sticking with us.”

This is the second Twitter outage within a month after the platform faced a short blackout on September 30 with users in various parts of the world not being able to post or view a tweet.